Evgeni Zablotski

e-mail: ezabl@012.net.il

Was born in 1938 in Leningrad, USSR

Academic Degrees:
1977 - Candidate of Sciences (PhD) degree from the All-Russian Geological Institute (VSEGEI), dissertation Geological Evolution and Mesozoic Magmatic Formations of Stanovaya Zone.
1962 - MA degree from the Leningrad Mining Institute; specialization: Geology and Prospecting of Minerals Deposits.

Working Experience:
19591963, 19662000 - worked in the All-Russian Geological Institute (VSEGEI): 19892000 leading researcher, 19771989 - researcher, 19661977 - geologist-engineer, 19591963 - technician geologist. Since 1977 - executor-in-chief of the main scientific themes. 19982000 - executor-in-chief, co-author and co-redactor-in-chief of the Geological Map of Russian Federation. Carried out the scientific expeditions in many areas: Kamchatka (19591961), Amur region and Stanovoy Mountain Range (1962, 19671988). Investigated magmatism, tectonics, stratigraphy, deep structure, metallogeny of Far East. Carried out the researches on the theory of geological cartography.
19992000 - gave lectures on geological cartography at the Courses of raising the level of professional skill.
19631966 - Chief- and senior-geologist in Timpton-Uchur expedition of Yakut Geological Survey.
19691970 - Adviser on the surveying in North Vietnam.

Scientific-organizations posts:
19962000 - Vice-President of Scientific-Editorial Council of Ministry Natural Resources. Took part in professional findings and confirmation in press of geological-cartographic and methodical materials.
19892000 - member of Main Editorial Board on Geological Cartography. Took part in the elaboration of direction of regional geological research, consisting of methodical manuals.
19862000 - member of Scientific-Technical Council, adviser on the surveying and prospection in Amur region.

In addition to main professional activity I study of mining history, genealogy, and history of geology, including the edition of Biographical Dictionary of Russian Geologist Repressed by the Soviet Regime.

(The publications in Russian are signed by *)

Main Publications on Regional Geology:

1. New Data on Radiolarian Microfauna for Biostratigraphy of Siliceous Rocks from Khabarovsk Region (Far Eastern Region, Russia). In: Abstr. Interrad 7. Osaka,1994, p.122 (co-author).
2. Far East. Stratigraphy. Intrusiv Magmatism - In: Outlines of Regional Geology. L., 1992 (co-author) (*).
3. New Data in the Study of Mesozoic Microfauna in the Central Part of Gorin Synclinorium (Lower Priamur''ye) - In: Paleontological and Stratigraphic Investigation of Phanerozoic in the Far Eastern Region. Vladivostok, 1991, pp. 68-81 (co-author) (*).
4. The Early Proterozoides of Zabaikal''ye and Far East - In: Geological Fundamentals of BAM-region''s Metallogenic Analysis. L., 1991, pp. 17-28 (co-author) (*).
5. The Deep Petrophysical Sections of the Earth''s Crust in the Bajkal-Amur Region - Pacif. Geol.,1987, 6, pp. 96-106 (co-author) (*).
6. The Petrodensitous Nonhomogeny of the Earth''s Crust in the Bajkal-Amur Region - Sov.Geol., 1987, 5, pp. 60-70 (co-author) (*).
7. Late Triassic-Jurassic Stage. Titon-Early Cretaceous Stage - In: Geological Structure of the USSR. V.7, b.2. L., 1986 (co-author) (*).
8. Early Mesozoic Stage. Middle Mesozoic Stage. Late Mesozoic Stage - Ibid. V.8. L., 1984 (co-author) (*).
9. The Orogenic Mesozoides of Far East, and their Formational Peculiarities - Sov. Geol., 1983, 1, pp. 62-76 (co-author) (*).
10. The Factor- and Claster-analysis to the Formational Subdivision of Mesozoic Granitoids in the Far East - In: Magmatic Complexes of the Far East, and their Ore-bearing. P.2. Khabarovsk, 1981, pp. 3-4 (co-author) (*).
11. The Structural Zones and Metallogenic Specify of the Activizationed Provinces of the USSR''s South Asia - In: Tectonics of Siberia. V.8. Novosibirsk, 1980, pp. 120-129 (co-author) (*).
12. The Jurassic-Cretaceous Stanovoy Province - In: The Main Conformities of Evolution and Metallogeny of Tectono-Magmatic Activizationed Provinces of USSR''s South Asia. L., 1979, pp. 69-80 (*).
13. The Magmatic Formations of the Stanovaya Province''s Mesozoic Stage of Activization - Trans.VSEGEI, v.302, 1978, pp. 5-20 (*).
14. The Problems of Stratigraphy of the Far East''s Early Precambrian - In: Stratigraphy of the Far East. Vladivostok, 1978, pp. 23-24 (co-author) (*).
15. The Geological-geophysical Analysis of the Structural Position of the Stanovaya Province''s Mesozoic Batholiths - Trans. VSEGEI, v.264, 1976, pp. 36-43. (co-author) (*).
16. The Mesozoic Tectonic''s Outline of the Central Asiatic Foldbelt. Novosibirsk, 1974 (co-author) (*).
17. The Structure of Granitoid''s Tynda Massif According to Geological-geophysical Data (Stanovoy Khrebet) - Geol. And Geophys., 1974, 11, pp. 82-89 (*).
18. Stanovoy Folded Province. Mesozoic - In: Geology of NE Asia. V.3. L., 1973, pp. 29-43 (co-author) (*).
19. On Mesozoic Intrusiv''s Petrology of the Stanovoy Folded Province - Geol.and Geophys., 1968, 4, pp. 32-43 (*).
20. The Archean Stratigraphy of the Aldan Shield''s Central Part - In: The Precambrian Geology and Petrology of the Aldan Shield. M., 1966 (co-author) (*).

Published Maps:

1. State Geological Map of Russian Federation. Scale 1:200000 (new series). Sheet M-53-VIII. With the explanatory notes. SPb, 2003 (*).
2. State Geological Map of Russian Federation. Scale 1:200000 (new series). Sheet M-53-IX. SPb, 2002 (*).
3. State Geological Map of Russian Federation. Scale 1:200000 (new series). Sheet M-53-XI. SPb, 2002 (*).
4. Geological Map of Russia. Scale 1:2500000. SPb., 2000 (co-author, redactor-in-chief) (*).
5. Geological Map of Priamur''ye and Neighbouring Territories. Scale 1:2500000. With the explanatory note. SPb-Blagoveschensk-Harbin, 1999 (co-author).
6. Geological Map of Russian Federation. Scale 1:1000000 (new series). Sheet M-52, (53)-Blagoveschensk. With the explanatory note. SPb., 1996 (co-author, editor) (*).
7. Geological Map of Russia and Neighbouring States (In Boundaries of Former USSR). Scale 1:5000000. SPb.,1992 (co-editor) (*).
8. Geological Map of the Far East of the USSR and Adjoining Aquatoriums. Scale 1:1500000. With the explanatory note. L., 1991 (co-author, editor-in-chief) (*).
9. State Geological Map of the USSR. Scale 1:1000000 (new series). Sheet N-(50), 51-Skovorodino. With the explanatory note. L., 1991 (co-author, editor) (*).
10. State Geological Map of the USSR. Scale 1:1000000 (new series). Sheet N-52, (53)-Zeya. With the explanatory note. L., 1987 (co-author, editor) (*).
11. Geological Map of the USSR. Scale 1:2500000. L., 1982 (co-editor) (*).
12. Geological Map of Baikal-Amur Main Line''s Region. Scale 1:1500000. L., 1978 (co-author) (*).
13. Mesozoic Tectonics Map of the Central Asiatic Foldbelt. Scale 1:2500000. Magadan, 1975 (co-author) (*).

Publications on Geological Cartography:

1. Processing of Geological Survey''s Materials of Scale 1:200000. Methodical Recommendations. Issue 2. SPb., 1999 (co-author) (*).
2. The Problem of Subdivision of Metamorphic Rock Sequences for Geological Mapping - Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 1997, v.5, 5, pp. 419-424 (co-author).
3. Time and Space Relations of Cartographic Objects, and the Classification of Maps - In: Cartography at Millennium''s Boundary. M., 1997, pp. 116-119 (co-author) (*).
4. Generalization Principles in Geological Cartography -In: Proceedings of 18-th ICC. Stockholm, 1997, v.1, pp. 239-246 (co-author).
5. Objects and their Boundaries in Geological Cartography - In Proceedings of Sec. Congress on Regional Geol. Cartogr. and Inform. Systems. Barcelona, 1997, pp. 325-328 (co-author).
6. Problems of Mapping of Time and Space Relation among Objects and Processes.-In Proceedings of 18-th ICC. Stockgolm,1997, v.1, pp. 231-238 (co-author).
7. Reading of Geological Maps. Cartographic Rules - In: Fundamentals of Small-scale Geological Mapping. Methodical Recommendations. SPb., 1995, pp. 105-117 (*).
8. Procedure of Generalization - Ibid. pp.117-125 (co-author) (*).
9. Semantic Analysis and Generalization Procedure of Geological Maps.-In: Proceedings of 17-th ICC. Barcelona, 1995, pp. 2273-2278 (co-author).
10. The Complex of Regional Geological Maps of the USSR - Proceed. Acad. Sci. USSR, ser. Geol., 1991, 12, pp. 53-60 (co-author).
11. The Problems of Geological Cartography''s Theory and Practice - Sov. Geol., 1989, pp. 3-10 (co-author) (*).
12. Theoretical Aspects of Geological Cartography - In: Abstracts of 14-th World Conf. ICA. Budapest, 1989, pp.502-503 (co-author).

Publications on History and Genealogy:

1. On the Characteristics of a Professional Community (Corporation) of Mining Engineers of Pre-Revolutionary Russia - In: Social and Cultural Problems of Development of Science and Techniques. Proceedings. Iss. 4 - M: IIET, the Russian Academy of Science, 2006, pp. 210-226 (Corporation of Mining Engineers: On the Methodology of Research. - http://russmin.narod.ru/ ) (*).
2. About Personnel, Course and Results of Transbaikalian Expedition of the General Staff. 1849-1852. In: Actual Questions of History of Siberia. The Fifth Scientific Readings in Memory of Professor A.P.Borodavkin. Proceedings. Barnaul: Azbuka, 2005, pp. 267-269. (*)
3. The First Geological Collection of Far East Region of Russia and its Authors (Transbaikalian Expedition 1849-1852) - Mineralogical Museums. Collected Papers of the V International Symposium Mineralogical Museums. SPb, 2005, pp.9-10 (*).
4. On Genealogy of Anosovss Mining Dynasty - The Genealogic Bulletin. Issue 22. SPb, 2005 (*).
5. The Austrians in Russia: the Kachka''s Mining Clan - 8th International Symposium: Cultural Heritage in Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy: Libraries-Archives-Museums, Schwaz/Tyrol/Austria. Abstracts - Berichte Geol. Bundesanstalt, 2005, Bd 65, S.186.
6. Karsavina: a Family Tree of Dance. Okna, the weekly appendix to the newspaper Vesty (Israel), 2005, October, 4th, 11th (*).
7. Ariadnas Thread, or Overland Part of the Amur Epopee - Okna, the weekly appendix to the newspaper Vesty (Israel), 2005, April, 7th, 14th, 21th (Transbaikalian Expedition 1849-1852. - http://russmin.narod.ru/. ) (*).
8. Alexander I''s confidential Edict - Vestnik-Russian-American magazine, 2004, N 2, pp. 26-28 - (About State of Jews in Imperial Russia by Materials of Archive of Mining Department. Alexander I''s Confidential Edict - the online almanac "Evrejskaja Starina", 2003, 12 - http://berkovich-zametki.com/ ) (*).
9. On a gold-mine -Okna, the weekly appendix to the newspaper Vesty (Israel), 2005, November, 4th (*).
10. Workers of Mining Service in the Pre-Revolutionary Russia. Brief Biographical Dictionary. SPb.: Humanistica, 2004 (*).
11. On Genealogy of Mining Dynasties of Russia, the 18th the Beginning of the 20th Centuries - The Genealogic Bulletin. Issue 18. SPb., 2004, pp.37-42 (*).
12. The Mining Community of Russia in the 18th-20th Centuries as an Object of Research - In: Program and Abstracts / 7th International Symposium Cultural Heritage in Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy, Leiden (The Netherlands), May 19-23, 2003.
13. Foreign Specialists in Russian Mining and Metallurgy in 18-19 Centuries - In: Proceedings volume / 6th International Symposium Cultural Heritage in Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy: Libraries-Archives-Museums, Idrija, 2003, pp.173-179. - http://russmin.narod.ru/.
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Publications Available Online Only:

1. Nikolay Pavlovich Anosov in the Far East: Amur Gold-Prospecting Party (1857-1860) - http://russmin.narod.ru/. (*)
2. Tamara Karsavina: Strokes to the Biography and the Family Tree - http://kars9.narod.ru/. (*)
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